This proposed 34-mile urban trail loop will serve as the hub connecting Greater Cincinnati’s regional trails to downtown, transforming the way people move in our communities.

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Crown Quick Facts

CROWN Network

Proposed distance: 105+ miles

Completed: 54.5 miles

Funded: 14.5 miles


Urban Trail Loop

Proposed distance: 34 miles

Completed: 15 miles

Funded: 5.5 miles

Reach: 356,000 within 1 mile

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Why is CROWN important?

With CROWN, making the choice to walk or bike for transportation, recreation or exercise in Cincinnati will be safe, accessible and convenient. Here’s how CROWN will help enhance Cincinnati:


expand transportation options


enhance neighborhood connectivity


encourage economic development


improve public health


attract and retain talent


promote environmental sustainability


increase transportation equity

How do we make it happen?

Tri-State Trails is leading a coalition of advocates, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, businesses and institutions to make CROWN a reality. With the help of our partners, we’ve made tremendous progress. Here’s how you can keep us moving forward.

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Tri-State Trails endorses Issue 7

Blog Post

Tri-State Trails endorses Issue 7

March 6, 2020


Cincinnati takes action to further expand CROWN with two grant applications


Cincinnati takes action to further expand CROWN with two grant applications

March 4, 2020