Bike Commuting Resources

Thinking about commuting by bike? Whether it's to the office or to the park, you can use these tools and tips to plan your trip.


Low-Stress Bike Routes

Find a location to grab a Low-Stress Bike Map near you.

Between November 2020 and April 2021 we organized 15 meetings with 50 avid bicyclists around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The result is a collection of comfortable routes, hand picked by experienced local cyclists to help you plan your next bike commute or joy ride. The map above is organized into five categories of routes:

  1. Trails and shared use paths: The ultimate low-stress experience. Multi-use and physically separated from car traffic. Always yield to pedestrians when biking on these routes.
  2. Low-stress routes: These streets just feel good. With less traffic and slower speed limits, these routes bypass busy roadways to get you where you need to go.
  3. Use with caution routes: To make key connections, we’ve included some streets that are a little busier. Try these once you have some experience. Weekend mornings are a great time for a test ride.
  4. On-road bike facilities (bike lanes and sharrows): Our region still has some work to do in this department. Bike lanes have historically been installed where they fit on wider thoroughfares, not necessarily where they feel comfortable to ride. Consider these routes as use with caution routes.
  5. Walk bike on sidewalk: If you’re a beginner, we recommend walking your bike on the sidewalk in some cases to navigate through a particularly treacherous area. In most of our local communities, it is prohibited to ride your bike on the sidewalk.

We want your feedback! Please fill out this form and let us know your thoughts on the Low Stress Bike Map/Routes.

The Low-Stress Bike Map was made possible thanks to financial support from the Paula Nye Memorial Education Grant through the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeways Commission, the Devou Good Foundation, and the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation.

Thank you to our Low-Stress Bike Map sponsors: Metro, TANK, Reser Bicycle Outfitters, Montgomery Cyclery, Ohio's Bike Lawyer Steve Magas, and Kentucky's Bike Lawyer Chris Carville.

Our map wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable insights from so many community members who helped us select these routes. Here is a list of all the people who contributed their local knowledge to our low-stress bike map. THANK YOU!

Important Bike Commuting Tips

Wear a helmet. Protect your noggin!

Plan your route in advance. Sunday mornings are great for test rides.

When on the road, ride like you are a vehicle. Be predictable and use hand signals. Know the bike laws of your community.

Bring a secure lock and lock to a secure rack. U-locks are generally considered to be the best--some have a theft warranty. Our map above features secure bike parking locations. Write down the serial number of your bike in case it gets stolen.

Dress for the weather. Fenders and a rain jacket make a big difference if you get caught in a rain shower.

Don't forget water! Our map above contains water fountains so you can refill.