Regional Trails Plan

With over 200 local governments in the tri-state region, we're helping partners work together toward a shared vision for connected multi-use trails and bikeways.

About the Regional Trails Plan

Our Regional Trails Plan was originally developed in 2014 through a collaborative community engagement process with local government partners and advocates. This is a fluid document that evolves as new paths are developed and new ideas are documented. If you community has an adopted plan that is not shown on this map, please email it to [email protected] to be incorporated into our plan.

Please note that "proposed" and "further study" routes are in some cases highly conceptual and may not reflect actual conditions on the ground like topography, bodies of water, and publicly held property.

Tri-State Trails thanks all of our partners and their data contributions to this map. Without their help, this resource would not be possible!

Thank you: Great Parks of Hamilton County, Planning and Development Services of Kenton County, Campbell County, Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments...and more!