Miami 2 Miami Connection

M2M is the vision to link our region’s two longest trails—the Little Miami Scenic Trail and the Great Miami River Trail through Butler and Warren Counties.

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Miami 2 Miami Quick Facts

M2M Network

Proposed distance: 50+ miles

Completed: 16 miles

Funded: 6.5 miles

Why is Miami 2 Miami Connection important? 

Most of Butler and Warren County currently lack connected bike and pedestrian infrastructure. The Miami 2 Miami Connection will make it easier to live an active lifestyle and access our region’s trail network without a car.


 expand transportation options


enhance neighborhood connectivity


encourage economic development


improve public health and overall quality of life


attract and retain talent


promote environmental sustainability


increase equal opportunity for transportation


Trails win big in OKI transportation funding awards

Blog Post

Trails win big in OKI transportation funding awards

October 9, 2020

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Tri-State Trails Releases Trail Usage Estimates

Press Release

Tri-State Trails Releases Trail Usage Estimates

April 2, 2019

How do we make it happen?

Contact your elected officials to tell them you want more trails in your community!

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