Crash Dashboard

Vision Zero Crash Dashboard

Crossing the street shouldn’t involve taking your life into your hands. Riding a bicycle shouldn’t be an act of bravery. But far too often, participating in traffic as a vulnerable road user results in senseless loss of life.

It’s easy to become numb to the news alerts on our phones and the 20-second recaps of the life of someone who was just trying to get across the street, or to school, or home at the end of a long day of work. But we cannot stand idly by when these deaths represent unnecessary voids in our communities.

Part of raising awareness around this critical issue is tracking the data in a central location. Tri-State Trails has unveiled a new crash dashboard visualizing traffic injuries and deaths on our roadway network. The data excludes crashes that have occurred on the interstate highways. Over the past decade, 1,163 individuals were killed while walking and biking on our local streets. Another 65,931 individuals were injured.  This tragic loss of life is entirely preventable if we design our streets for slower speeds and create a culture of following the rules of the road.

Here’s how you can take action to end traffic fatalities:

  1. Don’t drive, bike, or walk distracted.
  2. Drive the speed limit.
  3. Always yield to pedestrians.
  4. Give bicyclists 3 feet of space when passing.
  5. Come to a full stop at stop signs.
  6. Don’t accelerate through a yellow light.
  7. Drive carefully in inclement weather.
  8. Make yourself visible when walking and bike.
  9. Be patient when you are driving.
  10. Remember the humanity of other road users.

We all must be part of the solution. 

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