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Your wintry bicycle and pedestrian news round-up

Friday, December 18, 2020 by Wade Johnston

It’s been a busy start to the winter in the region for trails and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. What’s that mean? We’re helping put walking and biking at the center of the conversation around the Tri-State.

It’s about time for some physically distanced holiday cheer! Don your bicycle for the Holiday Bright Ride and the Bicycle Santa Ride on Dec. 19.

We can all use a little cheer in 2020

Cincinnati is getting its first raised crosswalk to improve pedestrian safety near Evanston Academy. It’s about time–cars are killing people at alarming rates.

Phase 3 of Wasson Way recently opened. We’re a little bit closer to our efforts to CROWN the Queen.

Clifton Town Meeting voted to install two-way protected bike lanes on Ludlow Avenue. You can take this survey to show your support! 

Been thinking those orange plastic barriers for outdoor dining are a little, well, ugly? Good news: the Devou Good Foundation is partnering up with 3CDC and the City of Cincinnati to make permanent “streateries” that are a bit easier on the eye. The downside? Residents say that appropriate community engagement didn’t happen.

The Whitewater Canal Trail is in search of a few good donors to support its trail expansion.

The Devou Good Foundation announced its Active Transportation Fund. This is a gamechanger!

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