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Red Bike Centers Equity and Grows

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 by Wade Johnston

Red Bike keeps making news for its excellence and innovation–and now for its equity work.

Red Bike has won a Living Lab Grant from the Better Bike Share Partnership to invest in and grow the Red Bike Go program, which provides equitable access to bikeshare.  The $200,000 Living Lab grant will allow Red Bike to develop and test innovative, new strategies and programs to increase access to bikeshare in the region over the next two and a half years.

Red Bike was awarded funding along with organizations in Chicago, Detroit, Portland and Philadelphia.

“This is an exciting affirmation of what we’ve done so far,” said Elese Daniel, Red Bike Education and Outreach Manager.  “And it will really allow us to build out our programming, community relationships, and team in a way that I hope connects more and more people to biking – for all the reasons they need or want to use a bike.”

This grant will expand access to bicycling in Lower Price Hill, Walnut Hills, and further within the West End. 

Red Bike will be hiring additional staff to help launch and manage the Red Bike Go Living Lab.  A full description of the position is available at  Red Bike also will be hiring additional Outreach Ambassadors and Interns in the coming months.

“Ensuring that everyone not only has access to Red Bike, but more importantly feels like Red Bike is actively catering to them has been a priority from day one,” said Jason Barron, Executive Director of Red Bike.  “We are incredibly proud that the Red Bike Go Program is one of the best and most creative bikeshare equity programs in the country, and we cannot wait to see what we come up with over the next two plus years.”

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