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Perseverance is key takeaway from Active Transportation Coalition meeting

Thursday, March 24, 2022 by Caitlin Sparks

The first meeting of our newly formed Active Transportation Coalition was held on March 23.  We welcomed 40 participants to listen and learn from the organizers of two community-lead active transportation projects.

We learned that projects on and off road are most successful when organizers engage their community and find ways for others to get involved. Active transportation and trails help people connect, build community, and see the world differently. When people have the opportunity to explore their neighborhood or help build a trail they feel invested and work harder to realize a shared vision.

A key takeaway is that this type of organizing takes perseverance. Some projects take a long time because of bureaucracy or funding but if we stay committed for the long haul even a small group of people can make a lasting change.

We want to thank the presenters, Barbara Didrichsen and Kathy Cunningham of Cincinnati’s Pleasant Ridge neighborhood and Terry Duffy from Brookville, Indiana. They have all worked for years to make their communities safer and more vibrant by advocating for trails and active transportation.

Presentation Chapters

00:00 Welcome
2:05 Pleasant Streets presentation

23:58 Whitewater Canal Trail presentation
44:25 Q&A

51:00 Thank you and closing comments

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