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Bike and Dine Outside!

Friday, June 12, 2020 by Rachel Culley

So your favorite restaurants have reopened…how are you getting there?  Some streets are closing lanes to make more room for outdoor seating and safe physical distancing. With leaders allowing a slow reopen of certain businesses in the Ohio and Kentucky, restaurants are coming up with innovative ways to accommodate social distancing guidelines. Some parking options are slightly reduced, so now is the perfect time to try biking to your favorite restaurant downtown!

We’ve created a Bike Commuting Resource map for you to plan your trip. Much like our Find a Trail map, this interactive map has a complete network of our urban core’s bike infrastructure. Using this tool, you can find:

  • Our region’s network of multi-use trails and on-road biking facilities
  • Secure racks for bike parking
  • Bike share kiosks (like Red Bike)
  • Bike shops and repair stations
  • Restrooms and water fountains (some may be closed due to COVID-19)

Through partnership with the Devou Good Foundation, ReNewport, Renaissance Covington, and more recently our partners in Bellevue and Dayton, we’ve highlighted a comfortable biking route to explore Downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The ‘Food Loop’ is nearly 12 miles in length and traverses between local restaurants that have reopened their doors with outdoor seating options to accommodate physical distancing guidelines.

UPDATE: Be sure to try out our extension of the Food Loop east into Bellevue and Dayton! The route follows residential streets a block or two off the main drag of Fairfield Avenue and 6th Ave to allow for a more comfortable ride. Many local restaurants and businesses are open with outdoor seating and ample bike parking is available.

If you choose to dine outside, please be sure to adhere to CDC guidelines of wearing masks and maintaining distance between you and others of at least 6 feet. We encourage you to venture off the Food Loop to support Black-owned restaurants too. Here’s a full listing of these establishments, which are noted on our interactive map.

If you notice we missed a bike rack or restaurant with outdoor seating, feel free to shoot us an email and we’ll add it!

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